Certified and Experienced GAF Roofing Company in East Texas

​GAF Elk is the largest and most respected producer of residential roofing products in the country. It is also among the earliest – started in 1886. GAF has already established over a hundred years of creating the industry’s most reliable and well-constructed roofing products. Elk provides advanced, innovative precision, and irresistible roofing layouts that offer your house curb appeal.
GAF Elk Products are Built to Last

Roofing contractors utilize Elk products that provide you with unmatched quality and long lasting durability while enhancing the value of your house to ensure you get the most for your money. Merchandises are trusted by us, and therefore should you.One out of every three homeowners in East Texas chooses GAF Elk roofing for their house. They’ve observed firsthand the qualities and advantages of the products that provide ultimate protection while enhancing any home exterior. Elk Roofing offers the following:Wide Variety of Styles – A multifaceted design that works with almost any home design.

UV Protective – Shields against harmful UV-rays, which prolongs the life of the shingle.

Dura Grip Mastic – Holds the shingles in position, which makes it wind resistant

SpecSelect Rating Procedure – Uses the highest quality materials to last in harsh climate condition

Micro-Weave Center – keeps the asphalt material from cracking or splitting

Fiber Tech Parts – Noncombustible fibers give the roofing material a Class-A rating and make the fire-resistant.

Home Roofing  Companies in Mount Vernon

​ Roofing is now a well-known and respected roofing company with homeowners in the surrounding East Texas area. With over 50 years experience in the roofing industry, our experienced and highly skilled roofers understand what is required to transform your old roof into a new brand new roofing system that is beautiful and long lasting. We provide in-home consultation and complete residential roofing inspections, roofing repair, and continuing maintenance as needed. We lead you through every stage of the roofing project to ensure that you are 100% pleased with every aspect of our work.
Residential Roof Replacement
Your first idea might be to fix your roof when it starts to show signs of deterioration. Even though fixing it might provide you with a short-term alternative, changing your top may be a better choice. The conventional roofing in East Texas has a life expectancy of 20-25 years. After that, you will begin finding numerous issues that could cost you more too much money to keep up with. You will also discover that poor roof quality will affect the market value of your home as well as cause your insurance rates to climb.

New Roofing Installation

​If you are experiencing constant leak repairs, too much roof maintenance, and other problems, then a new roof may be in your future. There are several advantages to installing a new roof on your Mount Vernon home.

  • Preserves both the value and the longevity of your home.
  • Beautifies your home and improves its curb appeal
  • Gives you a fresh start and allows you to be creative with your next roof design
  • Saves your money from unneeded repairs and maintenance down the road.