Superior Standing Seam Metal Roofing

​Standing seam sheet metal roofing has become a standard in the metal roofing industry. It is widely used for both residential and commercial properties across Mount Vernon and East Texas. Stand seam roofing offers several benefits and features such as extended performance, versatility, low-cost, and, of course, aesthetic value. Standing seam metal roofing looks great on any home or business rooftop. You get the best of both worlds by combining modern engineering with classic style.
The Benefits of Installing Standing Seam Metal Roofing

Standing seam roofing was created for sloped roofs. The pre-fabricated panels have dimensions of both 14 and 18 inches wide. This gives them stability to handle the slope. They are attached mechanically using double-locking devices which tighten the seams and make the entire layout both air and water tight. Immovable copper cleats secure the metal panels to the deck. This eliminates any potential for the roofing system to slide off the roof.

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State of the Art Protection for Mount Vernon Roofs

One of the challenges of bringing standing seams panels together is concealing the fasteners. The solution was covered fasteners. The seams were raised to cover the fasteners without damaging the roof. There are no puncture or hole in the decking. This eliminates any need for leak repair in the future. The metal holds up well under weather conditions. It’s flexible, robust, and seems to last forever. An added bonus to standing seams is that do not allow ice dams to form during the East Texas winters. This protects the roof along the edges and reduces added weight to the decking.
How Long Can I Expect My Metal Roof to Last?

By installing standing seam roofing, you give your entire roofing system the protection it needs to last year after year. Standing seams provide a layer of defense for critical areas like valleys, eaves, chimney areas, fascias, and soffits. When the weather is at its worst, standing seams continue to shield the roof from torrential rains, blustery winds, hail, and scorching sunlight and heat. And the best part is that you can depend on standing seam metal roofing to perform this well over the course of five decades. This destroys the competition.

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Installation and Specs

When it comes to installation, standing seam metal panels do not follow suit with conventional metal panels. While V-Panels and T-Panels can be implemented using the over the top method, standing seam require a clean palette. Everything has to be removed the decking with a clean surface to work from.The process of installation begins with an inspection of the roof to determine any previous damage. Roof repairs, leak repairs, and other types of roofing maintenance may need to be performed. From there, the eaves are trimmed, and new flashing is laid down to replace the old flashing. From there the underlayment is rolled out.
​The standing seam panels are installed using a method of starting on one end, and fastening the each panel to the next while moving horizontally across the roof. This continues until the entire system is in place. Each panel will slightly overlap the other to form a watertight seal. Once the panels are connected ridge caps and valley flashing is added to complete the job. When the job is done, you’ll love how amazing the standing seam roofing looks on your roof.