CertainTeed: The Roofing Product That Specialists Trust

​For homeowners in Mount Vernon, Texas who are looking for affordable quality roofing, CertainTeed shingles offer sophistication with a revolutionary design that will make your home stand out. What makes CertainTeed remain a favorite among consumers is that it offers a never-ending array of style and colors to suit your individual style.

CertainTeed roofing material is engineered for durable construction and scrupulous style for the discerning buyer. Roofing is your certified CertainTeed authority in Mount Vernon and the surrounding Texas area. If you have any questions about CertainTeed products, contact us and we’ll be able tell you more about this amazing products.

Our Hottest Roofing Products

CertainTeed is available in an assortment of colors, textures, and measurements. As a homeowner you‘ll benefit from the options that CertainTeed brand roofing has to offer. Two of their most popular lines of roofing material are Milestone and Patriot.Milestone – Created from laminate, Milestone is the perfect residential roofing product. It’s made to simulate roofing shakes. In addition, it complements siding or trimming.

Patriot – Recognized as the primary ‘architectural style’, Patriot single-split shingles use state-of-the-art color technology to resemble the feel and look of multiple-split tiles. It really is also a reasonably affordable option for homeowners.

  Certified CertainTeed Roofers in Mount Vernon Tx

As 50-year veterans in the residential roofing business, our reputation is always at stake. This is why we only choose the best roofing products in the industry. We know that our clients expect superior roofing service combined with roofing materials that are a good investment, not just a good product. CertainTeed Roofing a shingles exhibit the qualities that we look for in solid roofing product.

  • Double-split StreakFighter doesn’t collect mold or algae
  • Has the look of cedar shingles but in a fraction of the price
  • CertainTeed shingles last 25-30 years
  • Resistant to high winds, UV Rays, and is tested against fire.
  • Unmatched endurance

The CertainTeed Warranty Package

  • 30-yr limited warranty that is transferable
  • 8-yr SureStart guarantee (100% replacement and labor costs as a result of production flaws)
  • 10-yr StreakFighter warranty (on accessible colors) against streaking and discoloration due to air-borne algae
  • 10-year, 110 miles per hour wind-opposition warranty

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CertainTeed Also Offers Quality Siding

CertainTeed offers advanced siding for the house. There are a few alternatives that to standard vinyl siding such as fiber cement, brick and natural wood. Siding provides your house complete safety all the way around. It supplies outstanding protection from excessive temperature, rain, humidity, and the wind. Additionally, holds up well under all weather conditions year after year.
Hire Roofing to Install Your Siding

If you’re tired of your old siding, then look to Roofing for all your siding needs. We offer complete siding service that includes siding repair, siding installation, siding maintenance, and inspections to assess the siding you currently have on your home.We install all types of siding and are certified to work on both residential and commercial properties across Mount Vernon, Texas. We offer affordable rates, dependable work you can count on, and products of the highest quality. Let us help you with your next siding installation.